Peter Taggert

Principal & LREA

About me

Peter has been active in QLD Real Estate Sales since 1997! - With over 750 personal sales to his credit! Associated with over $500 million dollars worth of Real Estate transactions. A true proven performer in the South East Queensland Real Estate market. Peter moved to the Gold Coast in 1997 with his wife and 4 young children and instantly started a very successful career in real estate. In his own words, “it’s the best move I’ve ever made.” His entry into sales was not a new venture. Peter has always been a leader in any sales field he has undertaken, rather it was a natural transition for him. Throughout a successful 13 year career as a self-employed antique, new and used furniture dealer, and auctioneer, Peter developed a strong reputation built on honesty and customer service as well as the sales trait that is often forgotten today of empathy. A sale in his first week in the industry caught the competition's eye and the honors have continued since. In his first 3 years of success within a major franchise group, he was ranked 11th in Queensland and 23rd internationally out of over 5000 agents. For most of Peter’s life he has worked for himself, so the next natural transition, with the amount of success he was having, was to open his own independent office. After 4 successful years & dominating the area market, he decided to join another major franchise group of which Peter was the driving force. In the 2 years that followed Peter personally sold a staggering $40 million dollars worth of real estate whilst he still performed all the duties that come with running a real estate office. In 2004 Peter sold the 2 franchise offices he was running & operated a small independent office again until 2008. In November 2008, Peter was approached by Australia's oldest real estate group to join them. For over 10 years Peter built the Central Gold Coast office with a large rental portfolio & strong sales team. This was is a testament to his strong business ethics & sales & managerial experience. In November 2018 Peter sold his large Gold Coast office & moved to the Sunshine Coast. It was supposed to be his semi-retirement plan. But after a few months of rest & his typical of analyzing the real estate market, future trends, he could see a massive shift in the market to where & how Agents, Buyers, and Sellers of real estate look to do business. Plus the discontent of Agents who work for traditional offices in their restrictions on income & how they can market to get clients. So in March 2019, Peter set up for agents on the Gold Coast to be able to work for themselves under a common banner, without the traditional high overhead office costs. Enabling them to offer their Buyers & Sellers an unrestricted great negotiated rate, access to any area to sell & access to the forefront of technology & marketing. Peter’s vast sales and management experience and his ability to be able to understand what clients want, and then give it to them, Peter & team is working hard to achieve "above market value" sales results & give their clients a professional experience 2nd to none & definitely will be a leading player in the South East Queensland real estate market. Peter has also been associated with hundreds of more sales in teaching his team members in the past 20+ years. There is no doubt that he is a proven performer and leader in the industry. His reputation of being able to do the job quickly, professionally & achieve a great result is second to none.