It's Not What You Make, It's What You Keep That Counts!

There's an old saying in real estate... It's not what you make it's what you keep.

Many agents slog away for years and lose thousands to agency owners who refuse to adapt to changing times.

That's why we built a company to give agents freedom, independence, industry-best support and above all, more in their pocket.

Plus... Imagine if your area prospecting and appraisal lead generating was done for you... and you still had the ability to keep more commission than you'd receive with any traditional Agency or Franchise!

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We’ve stripped back the traditional real estate model to focus on the essential tools real estate’s top agents are looking for.

Our model rewards our traditional style agents who retain up to 80% (Qualified Independent Contractors up to 95%) of the commission earned and can have available to them our “Queensland’s Ultimate Agent Income Producing System” which is a dynamic Social Media appraisal lead generating system.

We focus on creating the very best real estate success environment for team members with proven tools, systems and support. Contracts and Sales Trust duties are taken care of for you. Once a contract is secured, automatic reminders for buyer, sellers, solicitors and agents are all taken care of for you! All designed so Agents can keep focused on what they do best, listing and selling.

The very best in 21st-century technology & tools needed for the successful mobile agent to win more listings and make more sales is available to agents. Some of what's available are:

  • CoreLogic or RP data (with bonus Marketing Direct Included)
  • Canva (state-of-the-art online marketing system templates that quickly customizes all marketing flyers, reports, pre-listing kits and social media posts)
  • Eagle CRM software (with fully automated client re-marketing, re-targeting and custom templates included)
  • Realworks Forms (linked to DocuSign, so you can sign contracts and listing authorities on your laptop, Ipad or other device and instantly email copy to your clients) 
  • (60 Day Premium) 
  • SalesTrust account management program. (managed completely for you and your clients)
  • Regular advanced training and coaching programs & Webinars (Tom Panos, Glenn Twiddle, Ray Woods, Aaron Shiner & others)
  •  Automated services comparison and connection tool that earns you a referral income.
  • Advanced Appraisal Lead Generator System (from website & social media)
  • Spoke (VPA Fully automated Social Media marketing listing software)
  • Group buying power (special corporate branding deals for signboards, car wraps, and promotional marketing, photography deals and floor plans)
  • Openn Negotiation Authorised & approved Openn Negotiation Agency.

By offering the absolute best services, technology and deals to sellers, Mobile Realty agents retain an industry-highest level of remuneration.

Plus, there are even more benefits to being independent agents.

  • no farming area restrictions - list and sell anywhere you like in Qld.
  • option to be an 95% independent contractor as a sole trader once performance targets are maintained. 
  • no wasting time at weekly in-office sales meetings - any group sessions can be performed by online Zoom meetings statewide.
  • no set commission restrictions - what deal or rate you offer your clients is up to you.
  • no weekly or monthly KPI reporting to the principal - What you do or set yourself to do in time and results is up to you.
  • no bully boss tactics to perform or reduce your commission split, or worse.
  • no principal favouritism as to who gets office leads - we have an individually tailored office generated leads system.

Interested to learn more? To arrange a private discovery call with me, please email [email protected]  

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Founder & CEO of



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